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In January

Quyang Zhongyou research project was officially established.


From January to July in 2018

In January :Our company was awarded "outstanding enterprise" in stone carving industry in Hebei province. The application for the 8th utility model patent was successful and our company was authorized to be published.

In March:   Rated as "excellent supplier" by customers.

In May: Zhongyou science and technology upgraded, the original Hengyang Fine Carving Training Center was renamed as Zhongyou Fine Carving Training Center, specializing in training fine carving, circular carving modeling and offering NC carving machine practical courses.

In July: An application for a patent for invention was successful and our company was authorized to be published.

From August to December

In August:We reached cooperative agreement with Yunlong mine, and developed and sold Yunlong jade stone.

In September:Our company introduced advanced VR experience equipment, applied virtual reality technology to sculpture industry and developed virtual reality business professionally.

In October: Zhongyou science and technology branch was established in Zhongguancun innovation base in the Baoding.

In November: The application for the 9th utility model patent was successful and our company was authorized to be published.

In December: Zhongyou Digital Sculpture Union was officially inaugurated, and was listed in the fourth batch of Baoding cultural industry demonstration base by Baoding cultural radio & television and tourism burea, and was also rated as industrial design center and demonstration enterprise in Baoding city by Baoding city industry and information technology bureau.


In July

Quyang Zhongyou Automation Equipment Co., LTD received the "12th five-year plan" enterprise transformation and upgrading award and new development and innovation award by China stone association. In the same year, our sculpture copying innovation technology was rated the top ten cultural creative projects in Baoding city.


In February

Zhongyou Automation Equipment Co., Ltd was formally established in Quyang county. Our company began to officially design, produce and sell our own carving machines, and we have applied for several new patents. In the same year, Hengyang stone sculpture Co., Ltd. and Zhongyou company were rated as new science and technology enterprise in Hebei province. We cooperated with Vocational and Technical Education Center in Quyang county to establish NC carving training base.


The company was founded.

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