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Zhongyou technology co., LTD


Quyang Zhongyou Group upgraded in 2017, established the Quyang Zhongyou Carving Training Center and offered a professional class of CNC engraving training technology to train high qualified, high-level and excellent front-line technical operators for modern sculpture enterprises.
The training school has 6 professional and technical teachers to teach, and is equipped with 120 computers, 2 projectors, 5 CNC engraving machine tools, 1 fine carving pens imported from German. With many years of practical experience and the application of interest-based teaching mode, each year the training school supply more than 300 qualified personnel for enterprises across the country.
Training courses include: round carving, fine carving, jigsaw, CNC fine carving machine software path programming, round carving and relief mechanical operation. You can learn a variety of fine carving and mapping techniques such as flowers, figures, animals, landscapes and abstract sculptures, gardens, fountains, fireplaces, and carved furniture. The school break with tradition, adopting a one-to-one teaching mode, allowing students to draw independently, output the tool path and enter the workshop to actually operate the machine.

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