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VR (virtual reality)

VR (virtual reality)

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Know about VR

Quyang Zhongyou launches virtual reality business

Quyang Zhongyou introduced advanced VR experience equipment, developed virtual reality technology and applied it to the sculpture industry, and specialized in conducting virtual reality business. Based on the foundation of digital modeling and with the characteristics of the engraving industry, Virtual reality technology enables customers to experience the real effects of engraving works and the project.

This technology uses computer three-dimensional graphics, multimedia technology, sensor technology, etc. to enable participants to enter the virtual world to experience the three-dimensional environment and interactive observation. This virtual reality system,breaking the traditional observation mode and visual rule,allows experiencer to walk and observe freely,and the strong impact force enables the customer to obtain a fully immersive experience.

Application : It can be applied in large-scale engineering simulation, virtual buildings, virtual museums, virtual squares, etc. The application of this equipment and technology not only enables customers to experience and verify the real effect of engraving works and projects, but also can be modified according to customers’ needs, which can save costs and effectively improve the quality of the project.
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